Claire Patterson Photography


Hello, I’m Claire Patterson!

I am a Calgary-based wedding and lifestyle photographer.  I am so excited that you are here.  

My favourite images are those that tell a story.  The looks between a newly married couple, or the couple who just welcomed a fresh babe into their world, or the goofy face your little ones make as they run into your open arms are the most telling ones.  

I believe that you story is best told in vivid colour and best filled with light. 

I am available for work in Calgary, the Foothills, and the Rockies.  As well, I am available for travel world-wide.

My Story

I have always loved photography.  This obsession for photography began young.  I have vivid memories of putting a record on (likely Raffi, Fred Penner, or Sharron, Lois and Brahm) and flipping through my family photo albums.  It didn’t matter if I was holding photos of my grandparents, my parents as a young couple, or our young family, I loved the photos for one reason – they told a story. 

As I grew up, my “obsession” with photos grew even stronger – this time, I was behind the lens… a Kodak disposable lens, that is.  I always packed a disposable camera before I left for summer camp and still have the photos to prove it! 

After outgrowing summer camp, I had to see what else was out there.  I have been lucky enough to visit several continents with numerous adventures along the way.  Among the many lessons learned, visiting these places taught me it is not just about capturing that kodak moment, but capturing all of the events (mishaps and all) that lead to creating that memory and setting the stage for those that will follow. 

Travelling, along with my experience as an educator have allowed me to merge two passions: to create personal relationships and story-telling through photography. 

I have since upgraded from that disposable camera I was first introduced to and I now am thrilled to be helping tell another person’s story.  I am inspired by the the love between a couple and/or family; capturing you interacting with each other is just my favorite.

Now, a few random facts:

  • I love playing sports; my favourites include volleyball and slo-pitch

  • Quality time with family and friends is the best

  • I am addicted to cheese – all cheese, I don’t discriminate!

The Perfect Fit

Because I want to tell your story as accurately as possible, I believe that we have to be a perfect fit.  If my story and images speak to you please give me a shout.  Let’s get to know each other.